LEFTOVER Books is a small press based out of Rochester, NY. Founded in 2021 by Patrick Trotti, the goal is to discover and share distinct voices of fiction. We want to build relationships with our authors that are based on mutual respect and an appreciation of the craft of storytelling.So why publish with us? Quality over quantity is our mindset, as we plan on releasing a handful of titles per year. This ensures that each book, and author, get the attention that they deserve.We’re looking for book-length literary fiction of the highest quality. The term literary, to us, is broad and can be executed in any number of ways.Please send one unpublished manuscript at a time. We want to simplify the process of publishing, so no need for a fancy cover letter or synopsis. If you have them, great, but let the work itself do most of the heavy lifting. Be patient and know that we'll do our best to respond as soon as possible.